Friday Photo – When the BMW i3 came to Newcastle upon Tyne

As part of the marketing campaign for the i3 compact EV, BMW is taking it on tour to the streets of the UK. So when it popped up in our local city of Newcastle upon Tyne, we sent one of EngageSportMode’s roving reporters along for a look.


We’ve written lots about the i3 on ESM already, along with making it the ‘best motoring real world solution’ in our 2013 awards. Our good friend The Tame Geek is very much a fan after his experience behind the wheel. It’s also the car that a lot of people, ourselves included, think should have been the winner of the European Car of the Year prize, rather than the Peugeot 308. We’ve already made our feelings known on that here, so we won’t dwell any further on that decision. So back to the case in point; here’s our mini gallery of when BMW brought the i3 to the centre of Newcastle today:

BMW is making a big commitment to promoting its electric baby, with a number of i3s on static display along with opportunity to test drive one for real. Our correspondent was impressed with the i3, especially the suicide-opening doors and pronounced it to be far superior to a Toyota Prius; she should know, she used to drive one.

Hopefully we’ll manage to get our own hands on an i3 in the near future, and discover just what driving the car which should have been ECotY is really like. Sorry, we said we wouldn’t mention that Car of the Year thing again. Many thanks to our reporter for getting the pictures of when the future of motoring came to Tyneside.

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