Friday Photo – New Polo GTI

Having owned a total of six Polos amongst the team of EngageSportMode’s contributors, it’s fair to say we’re fans of the Volkswagen supermini. We’re even bigger fans when it comes to the GTI version, with ESM’s editor describing his beloved 6N2 GTI as ‘the best car he’s ever owned’. So excitement was understandably high when photos emerged of the latest iteration of Wolfsburg’s junior hot-hatch.

In some slight press office weirdness, Volkswagen has released the photos for the new Polo GTI, but no actual accompanying details. As such, we’ve been left to mere speculation as to what is underneath (some more fanciful than others) the subtly revised bodywork.

The general consensus is a 1.8 TFSI petrol engine with around 180-190 bhp thus ditching the 1.4 twin-charger unit which, although powerful, had developed a poor reputation for excessive oil consumption. In addition, the interior pictures show what is quite obviously a manual gearbox, again dispensing with the DSG ‘box found in the pre-facelift version.

It’s a good looking car, with lots of nice details borrowed from the bigger Golf GTI. Those alloy wheels are particularly special, and the interior is resplendent with red GTI trim. Perhaps the biggest question will be cost. Volkswagen needs to position the Polo GTI carefully to avoid being too close too both the Golf GTI, and Audi S1 on price. Anything more than £22,000 in the UK may really stunt sales.

We’ll bring you all the actual information on the Polo GTI when Volkswagen actually releases it, which we presume will be closer to the car’s official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in a two weeks time.

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