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New Metal | 2018 Ford Mustang

The single most important part of this article? That the new 2018 Mustang is available with an ‘Orange Fury’ signature paint colour option. But there’s much more than just that, honest…

2018 Ford Mustang

Can you believe that the current sixth generation Ford Mustang has already been around for over three years? No, we couldn’t either, until we checked back through previous posts to find the first photos of the 2015 model year ‘Stang. So, after just over 36 months, Ford got Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to pull the covers off the new 2018 Mustang. We’re not even kidding about that.

2018 Ford Mustang

No, it doesn’t look hugely different. This is, after all, a mid-life facelift rather than a full on redesign of Ford’s pony car. The biggest external change is a new drooping snout, courtesy of a lower bonnet line and front grille, matched with more aggressive and angular headlights. The latter are now full-LED units, matching the LED taillamps found at the rear. Add in redesigned bumpers, plus extra exhaust tips for the 5.0 V8, and that is pretty much your lot. Not forgetting a choice of new alloy wheel designs, and paint colours, of course.

Spot the difference. 2018 model year is on the left.

Spot the difference. 2018 model year is on the left if you’re struggling to tell.

There’s the promise of more luxurious materials inside, with hand-stitching to the centre console cover, a new Mustang badge and – most significantly of all – a new key fob design. Ok, we’re perhaps being slightly flippant, but that’s due to the evolutionary nature of the styling updates.
In terms of technology, the addition of a customisable 12″ LCD instrument panel is a genuinely big deal, offering a choice of different display dependent on whether, normal, sport, or race mode is engaged. Preferred choices for suspension, steering and other settings can now be saved, avoiding all that annoying button pressing every time you get in the car. (more…)

Finally Here – The New 2015 Ford Focus RS

When Ford releases details and pictures of a new car wearing the RS badge, it’s a big deal. Does the third instalment of the Focus RS live up to the hype, and successfully carry on the ‘Rallye Sport’ lineage?

2015 Ford Focus RS 001The biggest news is the fact the third generation Focus RS comes with All-Wheel-Drive. After almost 15 years of Ford telling us that the hottest Focus was more than capable of handling big power with just front-wheel drive alone, the new RS goes back to the old ways of AWD. Why the change? According to Ford it’s that they’ve now found an AWD system capable of giving ‘a new level of handling capability and driver enjoyment’ whilst dispensing with ‘the rulebook which says that AWD hatchbacks cannot be fun to drive’.

2015 Ford Focus RS 002There’s a few manufacturers who would probably disagree with that last statement, especially makers of chief rivals such as Volkswagen with the Golf R, and Mercedes with the A45 AMG. Key to this new ‘fun’ approach is a special torque vectoring setup that allows up to 70% of the torque to be sent to the rear axle. The RS can also juggle 100% of that torque to a particular wheel, allowing tighter turn ins and the potential for controlled drifting action, apparently!

2015 Ford Focus RS 003Perhaps it’s because the new Focus RS will be one of Ford’s ‘world cars’ and offered in numerous new markets, including the USA, that AWD beckoned. This global approach also explains the presence of the now ubiquitous 2.3 litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, already making an appearance in the new Mustang. (more…)