Stars of the Haynes International Motor Museum

With over 400 cars and motorbikes, the Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset is packed with variety. These were some of our highlights on a recent visit.

Haynes International Motor Museum

First opened in 1985, the Haynes museum features 15 themed exhibitions, covering early motoring to modern supercars. We’ve broken down our photo highlights broadly in line with the layout of the museum so, without further delay:

The main halls include a range of French and German machinery, with certain exhibits guaranteed to excite motoring journalists. A brown Saab next to a Citroen 2CV, for instance…

It might sound like something from Fifty Shades of Grey, but The Red Room at the Haynes museum is far less painful. As the name suggests, it’s dedicated to cars all painted in red:

As a British museum, naturally there is plenty of homegrown motoring content to be experienced:

The ‘American Dream’ section was where ESM got really excited at Haynes:

I mean come on, an exhibit featuring six of the seven generations of Chevrolet Corvette. And an original Dodge Viper RT/10?!

What makes the Haynes museum particularly pleasing is that it includes ‘real’ American cars, not just the glamour of muscle cars Corvettes:

Accommodated in a special separate room is what can probably be described as a shrine to Mark Webber’s 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6. Interactive exhibits feature voiceovers from Webber, detailing the times he managed to beat Vettel during the season. No reference to the times Vettel beat him though…

After all that, ESM can wholeheartedly recommend the Haynes museum. The variety of cars on offer is deeply impressive, and many of them included are not the usual suspects you might expect to find.

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